Twenty-eight years on, what is the WWW delivering to us? At least in terms of marketing

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The World Wide Web (WWW) is 28-years old this year. It’s one of the most incredible inventions of all time, and yet like many 28 year olds (read millennials), despite its best intentions, when it comes to doing the job of marketing it’s still a bit too pushy and self-entitled. For the most part it enables marketers to push countless, pointless pop-ups our way, it follows us around with a lot of irrelevant content, and for the wealth of data it can provide us it charges a small fortune.  

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The good news is that the WWW, like any 28 year old, is evolving and so are the brand and marketing managers that use it.

For years martech was hailed as the holy grail — it automates workflow, manages campaigns, and takes away administrative burden — all very important for busy marketers. It enables them to gain some much needed space and time to be more creative and engaging for their audiences. The problem with only focusing on martech however also lies in its brilliance — automation. Automation has made it, at least for some, far too easy to simply stick multiple things on multiple channels for it to be executed, without too much thought.

At the same time audiences, especially those more socially savvy, are demanding more from brands on the web. They want relevant, engaging content — not just the corporate/brand monologue. This is forcing good marketers, and great brands, to look beyond just martech.

Enter the age of adtech. It’s great getting loads of data from the WWW and being able to reach a huge audience that you may not have been able to in years gone by. A lot of data can be used to get actionable knowledge. This is where adtech comes to life.

Adtech compliments martech, and can help marketers be far more effective. But to understand how, let’s look at the textbook definition of adtech:

“Adtech (short for advertising technology) is the umbrella term for the software and tools that help agencies and brands target, deliver, and analyse their digital advertising efforts.”

Savvy marketers, and agencies, are using adtech, driven by data,  to enable them to make better and more effective placements — positioning their ads and content where it is needed and engaged with most. In doing so it reduces wasted efforts, cuts out ineffective channels, and ultimately serves consumers with a better experience.

Essentially adtech helps marketers reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Not only can it provide ways to connect buyers and sellers of media in an automated way, reach the desired audience and deliver insights that would otherwise be difficult to capture — it can also save marketers money and help them to prove, with data backing it up, ROI!

The way forward, in my opinion, is therefore a combination of martech and adtech. A two pronged approach that will usher in a new age of consumer experience, and see marketers and brands thrive. So much so, that the next 28 years of the WWW will no doubt be infinitely better than the last.

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