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For those who know Chameleon, you’ll probably know us as Tom & Tom, Berry and Buttle or maybe even Bert & Ernie. We don’t quite go everywhere together, but as LinkedIn reminded us today, we’ve been working together for the last seven years. More than five of those have been at Chameleon, and the last two as co-owners of the business. Not ones to sit back and cruise, we’ve decided to change things up a bit.

Over the last couple of years, Tom B 2 (aka Buttle) has been Chameleon’s MD - focused on growth, managing the numbers and building out the management team into what is frankly one of the sector’s elite squads (we really do think they’re the best). And Tom Berry has used his innate talents for consultancy, eye for a story and uncanny ability to accrue knowledge to lead some of the world’s leading brands through their marketing journeys. So after all this, what could we be changing?

Well, we’re rather excited to announce that as of 1st September, Berry will be using his prodigious skills to become a teacher (on a part time basis). Within Chameleon he will move from CEO to Chair, remaining fully involved and working three days a week. His focus will continue to be on senior client consultancy and brand positioning. In the other two days, he will be teaching GCSE and A-Level Business at his local school: Sutton Grammar.

Buttle will move from MD to become CEO. Having overseen Chameleon’s growth in recent years, he’ll be getting away from the spreadsheets and spending more time with clients, our wonderful team and engaged in the wider industry. Although in denial about losing his spreadsheets, he’ll still be keeping an eye on the numbers, and continue working closely with the management team.

Wondering how we’ve made this work? Well it just sort of makes sense. It really does.

As we’ve grown, we’ve built our agency around a diverse set of skills and brought together a group of exceptional individuals. Our senior management team of Liz Walker, Jasmin Athwal and Theresa Meredith-Hardy have, over the last 12 months, taken on significant responsibilities in business operations, service development and business development respectively. You can hear more about their plans within the agency here. They’re supported by Martina Matulova who has been the backbone of our finance and operations, and an agency almost unfeasibly jam-packed with talent. We know many good things will follow.

So here’s to all of us staying hungry to shake things up and try new things. At Chameleon we’ve always espoused being different. And it seems we are.

Tom Berry and Tom Buttle

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