Despite popular belief, I am actually human

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When I started thinking about a topic for my blog this month, I wondered if there were any really thought provoking pieces I’d read recently. I’ve read a fascinating piece about the future of education being low-tech and play based and an amazing piece on Portugal legalising drugs and the positive effects it has had. However, this is a blog for a PR agency and therefore, it shouldn’t just be a rant about the future of the next generation or my personal views on where we are going wrong in our policing policies, although if there are enough calls for that, I can talk about that for hours.


So today, I want to talk to you about being human. Now, whether we are talking cryptocurrency, cranes or cars, at the end of the day, we are all trying to talk to humans. In the case of a lot of our tech clients, they might be slightly more technically advanced than the average Joe, but they are still humans. Although I’d love to say this revelation was mine alone, it obviously isn’t. 2018 has been touted the year of H2H marketing. The fact it has a marketing term and has taken until this year to be recognised as a “new” approach, shows how far we still have to go, but hey.

Whether it’s a content campaign, a PR activation or a simple social post, no one wants to be talked to about end-to-end platform agnostic solutions. Most people would much rather be told about how their job is similar to that of Gareth Southgate’s, or how you can tap into people’s wider interests. In an age where we can find out so much about our end customers, why are people still spraying and praying? Does it really get results? Or is it just so you can tick off ‘content creation’ on your checklist?

At Chameleon, we like to practice what we preach, therefore, here are a couple of things we like to keep at the forefront of our day-to-day work:

  • HubSpot recently wrote some great insights about the best content. The best content needs to alleviate a pain point and marketing teams need to create personas and talk to them differently. I know it is another marketing buzzword, but I genuinely believe in the power of hyper-personalisation, or as I like to say, given this blog topic, really personal content!
  • Talk to your audience like humans on all channels - video is essential in this - you need a consistent tone of voice across all channels, if you lose the human touch on one channel, you won’t seem authentic. It isn’t just about being human in a social post, it is about genuinely committing to talking normally.
  • Despite talking to your audience like a human, let’s make sure we measure with the accuracy of machines. We need to find the topics that resonate with our audience, replicate what works and learn from the things that don’t. Evaluation and replication are so very important. The amount of people who shy away from really interrogating what didn’t work, are missing out on valuable insights. Not everything will be ground breaking, but as long as we learn from our mistakes, I think that’s ok.

So like I said, sincere discourse typically, or perhaps to translate into how normal people would say it, just talk normally. Get in touch if you’d like to chat more, I promise not to use words neither you, nor I, will understand.

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