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Posted 09:29 AM by Alizia Walker

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As you may well have heard, there are changes afoot at Chameleon. As a senior management team, the question for us was ‘what does this mean for the business?’ The honest answer is that it actually fits rather smoothly within our leadership strategy, and will give Tom Berry increased scope to focus on client consulting.

Over the past few years in his role as MD, Tom Buttle has done a brilliant job of running and growing the business whilst retaining its unique culture. As an agency, we are in excellent shape. We have brought on some of the most exciting brands from across the globe,— from tech giants and stars of the Forbes Cloud 100, through to disruptive innovators who are redefining markets and tech brands attaining mind-boggling funding. Financially, we are on track for our best year ever — again. But, just as importantly, we have a brilliant, motivated team who genuinely enjoy working here as they will happily tell you themselves.

What’s next for Chameleon?Moving forward, Buttle will transition to CEO, where more clients, prospects and industry contacts will gain first-hand experience of the exceptional consultancy, insight and business nous that he brings to the table.

How will he have time to take on the role? Well, if we do say so ourselves, as a director team we have done an excellent job in taking over more of the day to day running of the agency. 

For those who don’t know us, we are Liz Walker, Jasmin Athwal and Theresa Meredith-Hardy. Liz now looks after business operations, ensuring that we run a tight and profitable ship. Jasmin head ups service development, expanding our offering in a direction that supports clients across the PR, marketing and lead generation mix. Theresa is in charge of business development, ensuring that we are working with the most innovative brands out there.

We are also very excited about the opportunities that this change opens up for our team. As a leadership team it’s always been, and remains, important to us in running the business to give our people autonomy to learn, and take on new responsibilities. In fact, it's been a key part of our strategy for many years. And as our leadership team evolves, this only accentuates the opportunities for the team many of whom have already started providing meaningful input into the business areas that matter most to them, from diversity to people, culture and client services. There will now be more scope for them to get involved, supporting the directors and having an active voice in how the business develops.

And, of course, for our clients things will only evolve for the better. Those who work with Tom Berry on a regular basis will continue to do so. Those who don’t will still have the opportunity to engage him for strategic projects such as messaging and communications consultancy. At the same time, the whole team will be focused on ensuring that client service remains top-notch across the board. 

In summary, we are super excited for Berry and fully support him in pursuing his dreams. We are also very proud to be part of a thriving business that is robust enough to enable this change. You can expect to see lots of exciting new things from Chameleon over the coming months — if you want to know more do pop by for a chat and a beer.

Liz Walker, Jasmin Athwal, Theresa Meredith-Hardy

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