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Marketing creates change

If you're a business that is looking to change your industry, change yourselves or change the world, talk to us.

What we do: communications strategy; public relations; analyst relations; content marketing; integrated campaigns; digital marketing; social media marketing; corporate communications; and brand transformation.

Chameleon helps organisations create change in their industry or their own business. We do this by building strong brands, creating compelling content and delivering brilliant communications.

Marketing creates change

Our consultancy starts with your business strategy, and everything we deliver will support your key objectives. Chameleon is devoted to your business – understanding it, building it and promoting it.

Chameleon’s roots lie in the technology industry, but we have evolved into a diverse consultancy firm with the skills and attitude needed to support our clients in an ever-changing world. Our clients range from small local companies to large multinational cooperations with offices across the globe.


Everything today in marketing needs to be ‘integrated.’ But integrated shouldn’t just be a buzzword rolled out in pitches. It’s how every communications professional should think and act. At Chameleon we don’t believe in creating skill siloes; you can’t do modern PR without understanding social, just as great content should be able to live in multiple channels. So in everything we do, we look to build the right strategy and deploy the most effective tactics to support your business goals.

Your business requires a consistent story from the inside out; a dialogue with the right people across the right platforms.

Communications Strategy

Getting press coverage is a goal many firms chase, and indeed it can do great things for your business. But a true communications strategy runs much deeper. It should address the right audiences, align with key business goals and support all aspects of the marketing programme. We use our many years of experience to create bespoke, creative communications strategies for transformational businesses.

Public Relations

The media landscape is constantly changing, but each market and every technology still has its true influencers. As the nature of search and social constantly shift, PR retains its importance in building your brand credibility - both online and offline. We'll get your brand in front of the people whose opinions matter

Analyst Relations

There are many influencers within the technology procurement cycle, but few as influential as the analyst community. AR isn’t just a side arm of PR; it’s a discipline and a skill set in its own right. Our experienced AR consultants help put you in the middle of the conversation


Great conversations with the right people will build engagement with your brand. We design, manage and grow social programmes that get you talking to the people who matter - whether it’s organic profile building or promoted brand content

Corporate & CEO

A brand has a heart and soul. Telling the story of your business, and the people who make it a success, is foundational to real brand engagement. We can build that narrative for you by increasing awareness of your organisation and positioning your executive team as industry leaders

Internal Comms

Many brands are so focussed on telling their story externally that they forget their own people. It's critical that your brand is being lived, breathed and loved by your own team. Let's make sure it’s front of mind across your organisation

Crisis comms

No brand lives a trouble-free life. When something unpredictable happens, we'll step in to steer your brand to calmer waters and minimise the impact on your reputation. Our experience both as communications professionals and in journalism helps us create measured, controlled strategies for crises

To find out more, drop us a line at communications@madebychameleon.com

Content isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the foundation of real engagement with your audiences.


There's far too much noise out there today. Using the Chameleon Content Blueprint we work with you to understand your audiences, define your purpose and ensure you're telling a compelling story across all platforms


Brands don't 'own' conversations, they aspire to be part of them. And so the content you create must give you a viewpoint and a credibility in your space. We help you create brilliant conversation starters, then get you talking with the people who matter


Too many corporate brochures are destined for the recycling bin. But the right content can help accelerate the sales cycle and fuel organic growth. We work with your sales and marketing teams to create content that accelerates prospects down the pipeline


The herd mentality exists for a good reason. People trust in their peers judgement and experiences, and we help brands showcase their greatest advocates. Our customer reference programme helps your prospects discover how, like many before them, your brand will take them on the next step of their journey


Your website is your digital home. Which means it's also where your digital heart is. We translate the essence of your brand and communicate it through your online content. Your business has an identity beyond product and service specs, so we help you present this on your key digital properties


No one wants to be stuck in a boring conversation. So we help you keep the dialogue between you and your communities fresh and engaging. Building trust and capturing attention isn’t easy, but with the right communications strategy you can use social to deliver leads and increase brand awareness


A picture paints a thousand words. Your prospects may not read a thousand words, but they might just view and share a great picture or video. We’ve created video content for clients across numerous countries, industry sectors and formats. Let us bring your customers and brand story to life

To find out more, drop us a line at content@madebychameleon.com

Your brand is one of your most precious assets. It deserves your full attention.


The corporate message means many things to many organisations. It can encompass a brilliant elevator pitch, a great strapline and a position that defines your place in the market. It should always tell a compelling story across all platforms, and never just be a regurgitation of product specs. Challenge yourself to ask - does our message create an emotional connection with our audience? We can help make sure it does.

Influencer mapping

Too often PR, AR and social strategies are deployed without a clear understanding of who really commands influence in the market. Our influencer mapping programmes help to streamline your communications to target the people who really matter. We can then give you a viewpoint on the right conversation topics with the key participants.

Audience mapping

Great insights into your audience are at the heart of marketing. How can you sell to a customer you don’t understand? Chameleon’s audience mapping provides you with a clear picture of the end customers you’re trying to engage. We can also help you understand your market and the key players within it. Marketing impact relies on marketing insight.

C-level consultancy

Sometimes your senior team want a sounding board for ideas or someone who can challenge their assumptions. Our C-level consulting sessions can help identify new marketing strategies, holes in messaging or even reshape the corporate direction. Let us bring journalistic, consulting and comms experience to the debate.

Multi-agency engagement

As founder of the Global PR Network, we believe in collaboration between brilliant agencies. Getting the right fit for a regional or global programme, and matching the right agency skills to your business needs, is an essential part of modern marketing. We offer regional and global coordination services, and also form lasting teams with our peer agencies to make sure the businesses we serve can succeed and grow

Presentation training

Whether you’re delivering a keynote at a major conference, or taking a coffee with a prospect, business can be won or lost by your presentation. Understanding which concepts are best for your audience, and knowing which techniques will best communicate them, are essential in modern business. We deliver bespoke training to get the most from your message

Your brand is one of your most precious assets. It deserves your full attention.