The Rule of 3: how what3words will rise

Posted by Robert Esom

I went on a walk the other day, seizing the rare opportunity of a sunny afternoon. I started out at daring.lion.race, walked through stone.bulb.haven all the way over to smug.ankle.bugs. It was lovely. I saw a tiger. Contrary to popular belief, no, I haven’t lost my mind just yet. What you just observed, is potentially […]


LinkedIn’s new in-app video creation tool

Posted by Sara Chandran

LinkedIn recently announced it will begin rolling out a new video feature via its mobile app. In short, this means that users will be able to record and upload up to 10 minutes of video, similar to what other social networks offer in this field. Now that the dust has settled, the ultimate question to […]


More than meets the eye – facial recognition under the spotlight

Posted by Mike Creane

  Apple’s launch of the iPhone X has brought facial recognition firmly into the public eye, but the technology holds far greater ramifications than just the ability to unlock your phone. As The Economist has mentioned, facial recognition is more than just another technology, it has the potential to change society. When such an advance […]


Oh wow, that tech is Lush!

Posted by Tom Hunt

I love attending a good industry or vendor event, especially when it offers something outside of the norm. Don’t get me wrong, stoic keynote sessions, white booth dividers and grey carpets have their charm, but there was none of this at the ‘Lush Digital Showcase’ I attended this morning. Aimed at highlighting all the cool […]


Shouting out from the shortlist(s)

Posted by Alizia Walker

The technology industry loves an award ceremony. The excitement, the occasion and, of course, a glass of bubbly or two! What’s not to love? There’s little better than gaining industry recognition for hard work. After all, being shortlisted for an important award is a reason to take a moment to celebrate your team, clients and […]


In the news: exam results & women in tech

Posted by Robert Esom

With A-Level results day fresh in the memories of parents this week – gifting a few more wrinkles and more grey hairs in its wake – and GCSE results coming up, many youngsters are considering what their futures hold. A key issue – one that has been around for as long as the industry has […]


Prepare for post-holiday blues

Posted by Rachel Symons

Is it just me or have the first seven months of 2017 gone by in a flash? One minute I was taking down the Christmas decorations and now we’re in August. The months in-between are a blur and I’m pretty sure June and July didn’t even happen… I’m super excited though – the arrival of […]


The new taboo: AI in the workforce

Posted by Ilona Mosejeva

Artificial intelligence (also AI) –The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. (Oxford dictionary) –The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior (Merriam-webster) AI is a huge topic – one that almost everyone has an […]


Spoken language is dead, long live spoken language

Posted by Robert Esom

People’s use of the English Language is a bit of an unhealthy obsession of mine. It might’ve been why I studied English Literature at university. However – unlike the majority of my coursemates – it wasn’t the academic musings of snobby aristocrats or the whinging of narcissistic, self-hating poor poets that I cared about. I […]


Top brand-ter (w/c 17th July 2017)

Posted by Mitch Lowes

A sideways look at marketing beyond “Ads, Ads, Ads!” Oi oi saveloy! Welcome to Top Brand-ter, the pilot instalment of a brand new blog series cheering on companies that dish out great chat, and parring off ill-advised corporate shanter. “Is there any need for such a roundup?” I hear you ask, “why would anyone, ever, […]