Not even ‘au revoir’

Posted by Helen Holland

On Wednesday last week I signed some very important papers, papers that have seen me sell Chameleon to the immense Tom Berry, our CEO, and the voracious Tom Buttle, our managing director. This is an exciting management buy out for me because the two Toms make the perfect union to take Chameleon onto the next […]


When the rain stops and the sun comes out you realise what a lovely place the world can be

Posted by Rachel Symons

Hello, it’s me again – the one who wrote about winter blues a while back. Well, I can now safely say that I survived Winter. Barely. To be honest, it was touch and go. I spent lots of time sleeping (when I wasn’t working) and, to be honest, I didn’t do much else (except gain […]


Is there life out there?

Posted by Sara Chandran

When NASA announced it had discovered a new solar system made of up seven planets, with 3 of them potentially habitable for life – I almost screamed. Our quest to discover if there’s life on other planets could be answered in the next decade. It’s all super exciting, right? Right? RIGHT? Personally, it’s fascinating. I […]


Analysts, clouds and tech giants: Chameleon’s trip to Silicon Valley

Posted by Tom Hunt

I’ve been lucky enough to travel fairly extensively during my time at Chameleon: Romania for my client Bitdefender, Las Vegas for Code42, San Francisco for GitHub last year, and now I’ve just come back from the city of Saint Francis. This time, myself and the rest of Chameleon’s Google AR team were aiding the running […]


Stranger Things have happened – the return of the Nokia 3310

Posted by Tom Ingoldby

What was your first mobile phone? Motorola DynaTAC? The StarTac? Perhaps it was the old tin can and string handset? For people of my age (27), it was most likely the Nokia 3310. Simply put, it’s a legend of the mobile phone world. It’s myth is etched in handset folklore. No app even comes close […]


Committing social seppuku

Posted by Mitch Lowes

Brands live (and sometimes die) on social media these days. Whether personal or corporate, few personas flourish online without establishing and maintaining a presence on at least one of the more high-profile social media channels. And the reason for this is pretty straightforward – when used in the right way, social is powerful weapon in […]


Brand it like Beckham

Posted by Bethany Swales

What would a world be like without celebrities? The likes of Hello and OK Magazine would struggle to fill their pages. The Daily Mail’s infamous sidebar of shame would have to find other people to ridicule. And who would sell fad diets? What a terrible world that’d be. In reality though, celebrities are everywhere. In […]


A career at Chameleon!

Posted by Jasmin Athwal

It’s been a busy old start to the year at Chameleon HQ. We’ve been inundated with new clients and exciting projects from the moment we stepped into the office. For example, we’ve started working on a client event to showcase the most cutting-edge VR and artificial intelligence experiences from across the UK. We’re also about […]


Happy Valentine’s day!

Posted by Rachel Symons

Yes, today marks the annual hallmark holiday where an array of relationship themed hashtags (#BoyDoneGood, #ImEngaged and #LuckyGirl) spike! If you’re partaking in the annual loved up festivities, you tend to be one of two kinds of people: 1) Smug that you’ve sorted everything out way ahead of time 2) Exhausted as you run from […]


The invisible face of homelessness

Posted by Bethany Swales

If I asked you to describe a homeless person, what would you say? Would you describe the old man you saw curled up in a ball outside Pret this morning, who you only noticed after you’d grabbed your 8am coffee? As walk past him you’ve seen he’s wrapped up in a blanket to shield him […]